Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Creative Habesha

We collect our customers Frequently Asked Question and write down them with short answers. Find your unresolved question below and click the question to read the answer. To make things easy for you, we use less technical word possible.

In most cases, website helps any business to promote the company, provide wealthy information, increase new customers, and sale. To make things simple, if your business or organization has vision, mission and objective, more likely, website help your organization.

Look it this way. You meet your customer at the place you do business or maybe you may deliver your service. Whatsoever, how your customers know about you, is the biggest question of your business. Up to now, you may promote your goods and product or service with Television, Radio, or Magazine. But there is one cheap channel and that is the Internet.

To this day, most people use Smart Phone or/ and Laptop to communicate and work with it. Through internet, they get wealthy information for reference, or like and share the things they like on the Social Networking Website. By building your presence on the web, you can help your customer to know you, and to get you.

Finally, as we stated at the beginning if you need to show your work, you need a Website and it works 24/7 for you. For more personalized information, Please, contact Creative Habesha customer service.

Domain name is the website URL without domain extension. For example, if you take our company URL "", our domain name is "http://www.CreativeHabesha" and our domain name extension is ".com". Domain extensions can give a general picture about your organization, for example: - .com = commercial, .net = network related, .org = non-profit organization, .gov = governmental...

Domain name registration is a process of requesting and renting domain name. The price for domain name vary based on the domain name and domain name extension type. To estimate the price, the price range from 400.00 ETB to 1000.00ETB,annually, if that domain is not presented for sale. Some hosting company like Techno Bros offer a free domain name, if you rent a hosting service from them.

Hosting service means renting server computer to host or carry all of the website files. Every hosting computer is internet connected all the time throughout the year. If that server is down, your website could not be visible! When you select the best hosting service pay attention on the Disk Space and Bandwidth they offer with the budget you have.

In addition to that, there are 3 types of hosting

  1. A Shared Hosting
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. Virtual Privet Server

Moreover, there is also a Reselling of any of the above hosting types, for example, Shared Hosting Reseller Plan, Dedicated Hosting Reseller Plan...

Our company Website Development service includes web hosting and Domain Registration service in all packages.

Search Engines are a computer program that retrieves information, documents, files or data from a database or from a computer network. The best example will be Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask - ordered based on their popularity.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Almost all the time, website without Search Engine Optimization could not be found on Search Engines Result Page at all, therefore, every website need to be optimized for Search Engines. When we come to the definition, Search Engine Optimization means the process of improving the website to make it worthy for Search Engine. If search Engines understand and trust your website, definitely your website can get good rank.

The answer depends on the competitor you are competing with. If you have strong competitor, we have to work hard to pass the point, your competitor stuck on. Moreover, be patient and committed, then it will be possible. They say "Patient could not be true more than SEO".

No. let me say it again NO. In SEO, until you reach perfection, there is always something to correct. And when it seems you reach perfection, you have to measure your SEO effort, and act upon your measurement recommendation.

In our company, first, you choose a website development package or make your custom package, then we made a detailed contract. And there will be frequent communication while in the content development, Designing phase, and in the debugging phase at the end. And the whole process completed between 1 – 3 months. The payment would be processed in two rounds. The first (30%) payment processed, when the project began, and the last payment processed when the website is completed.

The answer may vary based on the package you choose but it will not exceed 3 months.

Whatever your website would be it need updating. Everybody needs new thing; your visitor need to see new things. You have to provide fresh content. As an owner, you need (delegate someone) to post some new thing on a regular basis. Or just post something good in your social network page at list every month or 3 months.

As a developer, we (Creative Habesha) does the software side of update, for free! There will be no cost for our service, but there will be payment for the hosting company and domain name renewing, every year.

      If your question is not resolved or want to get more detailed information, do not hesitate to Contact Our Customer Service.